a Brand New Year

Well, 2013 is finally here and I can imagine there’s quite a few people who were surprised to see the calendar roll over to this year.

And it looks pretty much like 2012 did, actually. The news sources have pulp to fill the feeding troughs and the politicians have the usual problems to overcome. And there is a new M. Night Shyamalan film coming out this summer to look forward to. Well, that is if you like that sort of thing.

And there is more to be written, and I am coming close to the conclusion of the third volume in the Fountable series. While working on it, plot threads have been extended to become the groundwork for volumes four and five in the series, but I really haven’t done much to develop those tales yet. I am trying to concentrate on this ONE volume first.

Hopefully, I can get it done before springtime turns my fancy to outdoor activities.

I’m not much of a winter person. I love the snow but through the window from the warm comfort of my armchair. And we have had quite a bit of snow already this year, a little bit everyday since Christmas Eve, it seems.

But, enough of the day dreaming…

Back to work.