Spring… at Last!


After a long but not so brutal winter – and I am thankful I did not live in New England this winter! – it would appear that spring is arriving.

And just like the feline character, Pete, in Heinlein’s the Door into Summer, our cat did not object when I opened the door to let him out this morning. He looked up at me as if to say “Finally! You got it right!”

Unfortunately, it also ushers in the time to get out and start working in the yard. Which means considerably less time spent at my computer, writing. But that is the price we must pay for the seasons we enjoy so much.

The yard is not a complete mess after the winter, but soon the grass will be growing again and there’s crops and flowers to get into the ground to make our space look civilized and to get food on the table.

I hope most of you are also getting the spring fever. Hibernation time is over.

It seems a shame that it also coincides with the “spring forward” of Daylight Savings Time.

That is an idea that has long outlasted it’s usefulness. And as I get older, I am becoming far more accustomed to the natural rhythms of life.

Throwing a monkey wrench into the mix is not required.