Fun Times


I may have been an early example of someone raised in the Church of Scientology but my brothers and I were not alone. There were quite a few other teens I knew whose parents had been involved in the Church for several years.

The obvious ones were Hubbard’s kids. I knew Diana, Arthur and Suzette on the Flagship and had corresponded with Quentin for several years before that. But Hubbard had kids before those four. Nibs (LRH Jr – later changed to L Ron DeWolfe) and his sister, Katie, were also around. Her children were also in the Church which would make them third generation Scientologists. I don’t remember the daughter’s name but her son, Lance, was a friend.

Phil Spickler arrived at A.S.H.O. with his wife, Teri, and his daughter, Mimi. And while Phil and Teri were on course, Mimi got a job to work at the Org. She was only fourteen but she turned heads. (Later, she married Tom Cruise after her divorce from Mr. Rogers.) She is still acting, I hear.

Fred and Steve Crivello came with their parents from New Jersey – I think – and then stayed out longer while mom and dad went back home. They became very good friends while they were there. Sadly, I heard that Steve had passed on a couple of years ago… and I believe it was one of those cases where the Church did not look so good.

Speaking of Good, there was the rather large Good/Konkle family as well. Maggie was a marvelous person and had quite a few great kids who I am still in communication with today.

There was one other second-generation kid that came along though I never did meet the fellow. He seemed to make more of himself than of the other kids I knew.

His name was David Miscavige.

One thought on “Fun Times

  1. From what I remember, Mimi was a class IV auditor by the time she was fourteen but she always wanted to be an actress and would spend hours looking through magazines about celebrities.

    Can’t wait for you to elaborate on that last sentence. 🙂

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