Celebrity Spokespersons

There are a lot of enterprises who enlist the aid of celebrities to endorse their products and such. Many of these endorsements do not usually mean that the endorser actually uses the products they pitch.

With Scientology, it is different. These celebrity endorsers come from the ranks of the practitioners. Yes, they actually DO use the stuff.

But how good can it be, really? How many people do you think Tom Cruise has pulled in? Let’s face it, with his three failed marriages one would have to think twice about how successful his life is really going. Sure, he’s got money and fame but not much else!

I should think they would put their time and money on someone with a little less baggage if you know what I mean.

Another thing about these “celebrities”… the original idea to encourage their membership in the Church and to give them “special treatment” was that these people would become “opinion leaders”. I don’t see a lot of that going on. Sure we get that they are famous and they are Scientologists. Other than Cruise’s rant about wanting to outlaw psychiatry I haven’t seen a very large push toward any “opinion leadership” from these people.

Mostly what the Church has gotten from these people is a distraction.

With all the really bad news coming out about the Church and its mis-management, they can point to these bastions of humanity and say, “Hey! These great people are members. How bad can it be?”

And it seems to have worked so far.