Fun Times


I may have been an early example of someone raised in the Church of Scientology but my brothers and I were not alone. There were quite a few other teens I knew whose parents had been involved in the Church for several years.

The obvious ones were Hubbard’s kids. I knew Diana, Arthur and Suzette on the Flagship and had corresponded with Quentin for several years before that. But Hubbard had kids before those four. Nibs (LRH Jr – later changed to L Ron DeWolfe) and his sister, Katie, were also around. Her children were also in the Church which would make them third generation Scientologists. I don’t remember the daughter’s name but her son, Lance, was a friend.

Phil Spickler arrived at A.S.H.O. with his wife, Teri, and his daughter, Mimi. And while Phil and Teri were on course, Mimi got a job to work at the Org. She was only fourteen but she turned heads. (Later, she married Tom Cruise after her divorce from Mr. Rogers.) She is still acting, I hear.

Fred and Steve Crivello came with their parents from New Jersey – I think – and then stayed out longer while mom and dad went back home. They became very good friends while they were there. Sadly, I heard that Steve had passed on a couple of years ago… and I believe it was one of those cases where the Church did not look so good.

Speaking of Good, there was the rather large Good/Konkle family as well. Maggie was a marvelous person and had quite a few great kids who I am still in communication with today.

There was one other second-generation kid that came along though I never did meet the fellow. He seemed to make more of himself than of the other kids I knew.

His name was David Miscavige.