Friends Long Past – Two


Most of the people I knew in Scientology back then have been gone from the picture for some time.

Many were older at the time and the passage of fifty years is enough to remove them from this plane. Others are probably still around but no longer involved in Scientology.

Ray Kemp ran the Tustin franchise. He was a friend of our family. Ken and Julia Salmen ran the LA Org at the time and they, too, were great friends.

Bill Banka was an old-timer even then as was Gibby Niehus, Scott Paige, Pem and Roz Wall, Fred and Melissa Payer, Ron and Connie Broadbent… so many more I don’t think I can remember them all much less list them all.

And so many of these people were ushered out of the Church about the same time that my parents were excommunicated.

Some went on to found ex-Scientology groups, some simply faded away.

Yet all of them will be sorely missed from the completion of the mission to save the world.

Even if now the mission is to save the world from Scientology…

…and David Miscavige’s reign of terror.